Chapter 46
Volume I

A member bought this top and bottom for me to wear in a shoot.  Good thing he knew my measurements and it fits me perfect!  The photos are all about my boobs hanging out and some artsy shots next to the fireplace with the sun going down.  #117 and 121 are my two favorites in this series.

It was past sunset and just about the perfect time for my hormones.  I'm probably most sexual after dark.  I went down on a comforter and lied on my back, and started to play with my nipples and private parts.  Rubbing I dreamed about a favorite sexual experience I had a year ago (but in my fantasies the person changes to whomever I'm lusting for at the time!).  I think about sex, about the feeling of it going in and out of me, and my nipples being pulled and sucked on.  But its this vibrator I've never used that made my experience so amazing.  I've always used strange objects or household items that vibrate, but its true a real vibrator is a lot better.  And its also small and shaped just right for me.  I was wierded out at first using this for my first time and it even slipped out of my hands and made me crack up but once it was sending me shockwaves of pleasure from my private part through my body I was amazed how well it works!  It made me want to orgasm real fast but I held it for a few minutes to where I couldn't hold it anymore and came.  I was so wet and my juices built up inside me after I fingered myself the juices just flowed out all over the place.  I need to wash my hands! hehe.  Anyways I think this is my best orgasm ever and here you go its captured on camera.  Even half an hour later, my private part was still dripping, I couldn't keep my panties dry.  The videographer taped me out on the balcony while I was still dripping.  Enjoy!!!
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.