Chapter 48
Volume II

Don't I look hot with my hair wet?  I think so.  I mean most of the time you see my hair straight or curled, but wet hair makes my face show more and makes my hazel eyes stand out.  My nipples are so hard and thick right now that its more comfortable to keep them sticking out.  I'm guessing that when you guys have hard-ons its like the same thing, its too stiff to keep it under clothes.  The still shots of me swimming with no bottoms is hot and its like seeing my naked body through a layer of glass.  Hope you like these photos, there are so many I like here I won't even bother listing them.

So I finally get into the water, and its freezing!  I stepped in slowly just to get used to it. I mean its 100 degrees outside, but the water is still frozen.  The videographer tries to spray me with water!  I finally got my whole body wet and my hair too.  I popped my breasts out and did some swimming.  I jumped up and down and splashed water everywhere making my nipples and breasts bounce everywhere.  I think it looks erotic when you see my butt and private parts blurred under water.
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