Chapter 48
Volume III

After I dried off, I got my hair straightened out and put on my new favorite bikini.  Some nice smiley shots with little nude teases inbetween and good body shots showing my slim toned figure.  The sexiest parts are the closeups of my body (like my nipples & belly) where I put the cold water close and let it flow against my skin.

These are pretty freaky pics from my video where I pushed the water hose against my private part and squirted the water out almost like pee.

I turned on the water hose, and poured water over my pretty manicured feet, washing the front and back of my feet.  After the water made my nipple hard I poured the cold water on it and then on my private part and my butt.  The crazy part was following the videographer's idea where I pressed the water hose against my private part and let it squirt out the other direction.
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.