Chapter 50
Volume II

These are all pics of me after I masturbated and had my orgasm.  We repeated some of the positions I was in and took photos with the toy stuck inside my private part and a pic of me pushing it out.  Look at #114, you see how tight I am and how the toy stays in me even when half of it is sticking out.

I walk down to the mirror, take off my panties and from a closeup butt view stick a finger into my private part.  I didn't want to taste myself today though.  I wanted to get into my masturbation scene but the videographer wanted me to pose around a bit and do spreads.  Then I was supposed to kiss myself in the mirror and I tried it, but I felt dumb doing it!  After a breast massage he finally gives me the long blue vibrator to play with.  After my last masturbation with a vibrator I realized that these things are incredible.  I put it on my private part and let it get me wet inside and put me to the mood.  Then I sat on the stairs with my legs spread wide and started inserting it and having sex with it.  Even though I don't really like to watch my own video masturbating I think I looked hot in this one with my expensive heels on and my lacy top pulled down under my breasts.  I had another very big orgasm with this toy.  My juices dripped down to my butt and the videographer zoomed in on it.  I never feel the juices coming out, I just seem to leave a wet spot whenever I orgasm.  I have one of these at home now.
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.