Chapter 51
Volume I

I got this blue shirt the other day, I know its more for thirty-something women, but I wanted to try it on.  It looked good on me, especially with black pants and glossy black heels.  One thing thats nice about this dress is that its meant to be braless, and if you bend over just right you can see down my shirt to my nipples.  Also my nipples get hard anyways and show through the shirt.  I know it would turn men on like crazy.  I started out like a fashion model, then I let my breasts hang out and I crawled on the fancy wooden table.  #121 is my favorite here.

Then I took my pants off, and guess what?  I've got matching seethrough underwear.  Looks good on the table when I'm standing, like my coverpage to the right.  Hot hot hot!  Then some very erotic pics of my butt, squatting, and then my nipples being pressed against the carpet.  #234 and #237 I know you'll like.  The last part is all the closeups you'll ever want but were afraid to ask!
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