Chapter 51
Volume II

What do you think of my hair?  Its kind of a cross between my straight and curly.  I like this new look.  Anyways, we took photos at this big mural of a water tank with a shark & a dolphin, I thought maybe the blue clothes I'm wearing will match the blue background.  Isn't #129 the cutest foot pic you've seen?  The clothes you see me wearing is casual wear for me, what you'd see me wear on a regular day not modeling or anything.

Another visit to the studio house and I've brought a bag full of new clothes & heels.  Then we traveled out to the big mural wall while people were jogging & biking on the canal.  The videographer wanted me to run out with my pants & panties off, he coerced me to finally do it, but it really scared the hell out of me!  Then I had to do it again with my breasts hanging out.  This public nudity stuff really gets me on the edge.
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.