Chapter 52
Volume I

So, it was David from Michigan, who won my meet Lia contest.  It was pretty neat because there was over 5000 people who submitted for the contest according to the webmaster!  So I guess he was the 'lucky one' hehe.  I found out that he is both a Lia member and FTVGirls member.  So anyways, the photoshoot started with me in my normal casual wear (t-shirt, jean shorts, strappy shoes) and the photographer took shots of me getting naked in my back yard while David used the video camera to do his own thing.  He was getting carried away with that thing!  You see a lot of him in the pics.  I was getting nervous with him and the video camera, but the photos turned out hottt!

I was supposed to meet David for the first time at this restaurant place, but I got really shy.  I mean it felt almost like I was being set up for a blind date, but with a videocamera capturing everything.  So I hugged David and he seemed nervous and fidgety but the photographer was all excited about this event.
Then we went to my house, and its the first time I've shot here!  Even stranger how I have a member of my website over here!  So we talked a bit, at least David was very talkative, and kept the conversation going.  I admit I felt kind of wierd meeting someone who has seen all my website stuff in person.  And I'm going to get naked in front of him!
So I got myself ready, did a bit of makeup in the bathroom while he watched.
Then we went to my back yard and all the videotaping you see there is David's work, I can see he likes getting up real close, like he's trying to smell me!  Then I got completely naked in front of him!  Think of it this way, would you strip down in front of a total stranger?  So you must commend me for my guts hehe.
Then we went to my bedroom, and I laid out a whole bunch of my clothes, while David sat on my bed and looked at what I should wear for my next shoots in the different parts of my house.  He was really getting into it.   I guess it is like his dream come true.
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