Chapter 52
Volume II

Something I have in my smallest bedroom is a pinball machine collection.  It actually belonged to my dad, but its been in my house since I moved in.  I always wanted to do a shoot here as long as my dad does not see the photos.  I'm comfortable taking nudes in another house but in my place its kind of wierd, like bringing your work to your home.  And a member of my site is seeing where I live, and all my personal stuff!  Anyways, I really liked how some of the pictures turned out, especially since it was so dark in there and we didn't have good lighting.  My favorites are all the ones after #144.

So I'm touching my makeup in panties and a bra, while lucky member David watches and chitchats with me.  We started getting along pretty good and I found out that he is a pizza delivery guy so I asked him about his job and if he has ever been seduced by a customer.  You could say I was getting used to having someone watch me naked in real life, even a member of my site.
We went to my pinball room, and David got to use the videocamera again and tape me playing pinball naked.  I don't really like playing much because I suck and always lose to my dad.  Looks like David is butt and leg fan because he kept zooming the video camera there.  This is a verrrrrry large video update with me playing pinball and posing for the photos you see above.  Definitely some funny moments through the videos.  David got so close with the videocamera at one point I ended bumping into him with my butt.
In the very last part the photographer takes over and I play one last pinball game naked (and lose badly!).
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.