Chapter 52
Volume III

This shoot is split up into two parts, all of it taken in my bedroom.  Yeah I know my bedroom is rather plain but I'm a clean freak and like everything tidy.  I like my room to be large, bright and open without stuff cluttered everywhere.  Since I was showing the lucky member David all my clothes, I had them lying on my bed.  So we took pics while I lied out on the bed and let my breasts hang out and just panties on my butt.  I was getting a little more comfortable with David watching me during the shoot. 

This is where I start going completely naked, and you get a lot of nice butt and foot shots.  David you can see in the background in some of the pics, holding up a photo as a backdrop.  There is a funny pic #236 where he looks lost in thought.  And I wonder what he is thinking about when he is standing right behind me while I'm butt naked hehe. 
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.