Chapter 52
Volume IV

Now we get to my kitchen, and you get to see it in detail for the first time.  Notice that I'm a clean freak and my whole kitchen is superclean.  My fridge has a lot of postcards from Hawaii and pics of some of my model friends though.  They wanted me to open my fridge and take pics of me next to it, but there's only bananas, skim milk and cottage cheeze in there.  Not a very exciting fridge for you men.  So anyways I was wearing a pink top and cute butt shorts and my sexy white heels, I did some standing pics but the best ones are when I squatted on the kitchen table.  The way I was squatting it gave me a wedgie and my private parts started to come out.  The last pics you foot guys will like when I was doing the wet video and the lucky member Dave got to take pictures of it.

The video starts with me in the kitchen squatting on the table in my sexy pink combo while lucky member David videotapes the photoshoot.  For once he didn't run into me with the camera doing extreme closeups and videotaped all of me.  Then I went to the kitchen sink and used the water to splash onto my shirt and make it a seethrough wet-shirt.  At this part the photographer took over the videocamera and David started taking the pics.  Then I splashed water on my feet and gave them a rinse.  Then I poured water over my nipples for closeups.  I took my shorts off and dried myself while David took more pics.
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.