Chapter 53
Volume III

Starting very sensually in my pink nightie and pink panties, I look into the mirror and sit on the table.  My panties are very small and tight, so they wedge up my private part and you know what happens next!  Then the rest of the pictures are me in funny poses while half of my panties is peeking out of my private part.  #157 is so closeup to my private part it is almost freaky!  I think it holds the record now for the closest and most detailed image of my special place.  Then I sniff and hold my panties to view.

The photographer called me panty princess because when I took my pink panties off, I put it on my head and it looked like a panty crown hehe.  So as you guessed it, I'm going to stuff my panties deeeep inside me till it completely disappears (as in goes missing).  This is the 3rd time I'm doing a video like this, and you guys seem to go crazy over it so here you go.  When I went to pull it back out, the video gets verrry close and you see all that detail when my panties slowly come out of me.  Very erotic I think.  The funny part was when they snapped out of my private part and hit the photographer in the face hehe haha hoho.
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.