Chapter 54
Volume I

For some reason I wasn't too excited about the photoshoot this time, I was just into getting to my masturbation video.  It was waaay late at night, probably past midnight, and its my 'horniest' hour if you guys know me well enough.  I was wearing a blue seethrough top and sheer bottoms that let you see all my private parts without me having to take them off.  Sexy heels too of course.

I went straight to the couch, spread my legs, and started playing with my private part and nipples.  I've been using toys & vibrators in all my videos recently and this time I wanted to go back to using my fingers, which is the usual way I do it before I go to sleep.  It takes longer, but it means I enjoy it longer too.  We all masturbate to have it end in an orgasm, but I also like the feelings leading to it.  I made a little wet spot on the couch that the videographer made comments about.
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