Chapter 55
Volume I

I always wanted to spend one of my shoots up on a roof with the city lights in the background when its just past sunset.  We finally got to do it, and some of the pictures turned out awesome.  I'm in my best shape yet (I've been working out even harder because I'm doing so much nude pics) and so I think I look very toned, athletic and my waist is very slim.   My favorites are #109, 117 and 129.

This video is a little different in that my ex-boyfriend took the video while the photographer was taking pics of me on the roof.  My ex knows about my site now, and he seems very cool with it.  So I invited him to watch one of my shoots.  The photographer and my ex kept pushing me to do a breast massage scene with him doing it on me, but like I've said before, I don't want male contact in my videos, it becomes porn to me.  Also, since I am loyal to my new boyfriend, I didn't think it would be appropriate.  I did a hot breast massage scene anyway, but with my hands.  And some extreme closeups for you guys!
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