Chapter 57
Volume I

Another photoshoot you'll love?  I like how everything turned out today and the blue dress was perfect for the location.  I pulled my shirt up higher so you can see my belly, the non-nude pics look sexier that way.  Then I kick my legs up, and you see that I'm not wearing any panties (as usual).  I bend over for some butt shots.  My favourites would have to be #122 and #124.

Yeah so at the same place I took my pics at I'm supposed to improvise and do a video.  While there are mexican gardeners sitting nearby taking peeks of my photoshoot I decided I'll do some high-kicks so you guys will get views up my pantyless skirt and they'll get views of my naked butt.  You see I've gotten very skillful with my heels, I can kick and jump with high heels without tripping or falling.  I tried some karate punches and imaginary samurai action with my breasts out.  Nipple Chop!
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.