Chapter 58
Volume I

Now doesn't this just look sooo hottt?  I think so.  I wasn't sure how the stockings would look with the white lingerie but it sure looks good in the photos!  My hair, the lighting was perfect and I felt very sexy.  I slipped my panties to the side so you can see between my legs with some slips of my top exposing my nipples too.  My favorites are #118 and #128.

The video starts with me putting on my makeup (haven't my makeup skills improved since my first days on my website?).  Then I pull the new victoria secret lingerie stockings out and put them on.  I kind of felt like I was from the 80s with this style on.   I put my heels on and I was ready for my photoshoot!  Then the video continues after our shoot where we're driving to another house and I'm still in my stockings & heels, singing along to Pink Floyd music.
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.