Chapter 58
Volume II

This is the second part of my lingerie shoot where I'm more naked, and the pictures are more explicit.  I spread my legs and stretched out as far as I can.  I think the hottest part you guys will like is what I did with the shoe straps once I took them off, I strapped one of my breasts almost like bondage style and made my nipples stick out very far.   I also poked my shoe heel deep into my nipple making for some weird pics.  I spread my butt with the heels too.

Now back at the other house, I pulled my top down and started playing with my breasts.  It used to be once where I really didn't have much feeling with my breasts being played, but now it actually turns me on.  I started zoning out while pulling and squishing my breasts, thinking sexual thoughts and not paying attention to the camera.  I took my panties and stockings off, and played & pulled on my nipples.  Then I took the stockings and tried doing some breast-wrapping.
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