Chapter 59
Volume I

Back inside, I strip down to my jeans, and then to my bare butt.  All the pictures are taken from a top view looking down, from the 2nd floor.  I'd say these pics are for the butt and foot fans out there, I like how both looked here.  I love #116, hope you do too. 

I'm wearing the outfit you see in the cover page, hot jeans, hot shirt & stuff.  I call my shirt the shipwrecked wench shirt.  So we go outside and I'm walking casually on the street with my breasts out.  Then I take that shovel in the back yard, and start digging with it.  My breasts are hanging out the whole time while I'm digging, and I pull on my nipples to make them all pointy.  Its all muddy here and I got my nice heels dirty!  I tried poking my nipple through the hole.....
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.