Chapter 60
Volume II

Taking my heels off we start with some foot fetish and you can see them from both sides thanks to the mirror-like table.  Ok my grammar is starting to suck but anyways.  Then I have some pics with the big glear dildo, first in my mouth, then in my private part (barely fits in!).  But I'm sure you guys will go crazy watching me be penetrated by a real penis-shaped toy. 

Sleepygirl in her hot black outfit on the couch, wakes up and sees a big clear dildo in front of me.  I think it looks very strange and kind of scary.  But I did want to masturbate right now, because I'm at my horniest point for the day.  The photographer made me kiss it on the head and then lick it.  Its shaped so much like a real penis it makes it wierder.  After giving it a good exam I put it on the glass table and tried riding it.  Its a little too big for me (no actually way too big) so only the head goes in.  So I went back to the couch, spread my legs, and tried getting it into me.  I wasn't getting to turned on by it though, might look good for the members but I wanted to get off, and I would be able to do it with my fingers.  So I put the toy away, and fingered myself hard until I had my orgasm.  Much better now hehe.  Hope you have high speed internet this video is looong.
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