Chapter 61
Volume I

I really like these pics we took today, they are bright, jumpy and fun to watch.  I'm looking good and my little white skirt matches the heels and my cute top.   Actually the heels belong to Alexa, but I'm 'borrowing it'.  Some pics I'm fully clothed and others my breasts are pushed out.  The rest of them are quickshots of my 'action' in sparkling high-resolution.  My favorite pic is #122 for sure.

My skin felt really dry especially around the legs so I put some special cream on them.  Then I pulled out my boobies just for show.  Well so we're in the garage right now because its a lot cooler than being out in the sun.  I wanted to show off my tennis skills (I am good) but my first serve sucked and I was a bit embarrased.  Its hard to play 'squash' with tennis balls & racket in a garage you know.  Hey its all so that you see me running around in a skimpy outfit, right?  The video zooms up my skirt from behind whenever I bend over to pick up the ball.
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.