Chapter 61
Volume II

There's like so many guys who wanted me to do some nipple play with a tennis racket, and I think it all started with the FTV model Erika's scene where she did the same thing.  My nipples are big, long and pointy like hers, and really stand out when erect (doesn't take much to make them erect either).   We took pics from every angle where my nipples are poking through the rackets' threads.  My nipples are so thick they barely make it through.  Enjoy!  Oh and some butt shots at the end.

So this is basically the video version of my pics, the camera zooms in really close as I poke my nipples through the racket, and you see how they kind of get stuck in there.  Doesn't hurt but it makes my nipples even more pointy.  So are you getting erect watching my nipples stand at attention? hehe.  I did some twirls and things too.
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.