Chapter 62
Volume I

Now these are some killer photos.  Its by random chance that we got colors like this too.  It was past sunset, and the sun reflected the gold red color onto the clouds which then reflected back on the hill behind me.  The pics almost look like I'm in front of a backdrop or I've been cut and pasted onto the picture.  But they're all for real.  I had bought a very new sexy bra & panties set I call the James Bond outfit.  With sexy strappy heels it was real hot-looking.  I'll have to use this outfit again one day. 

The video I'm back indoors, its late at night, and I'm checking myself out in the mirror.  I'm still wearing the same sexy tan bra & panties, with the long strappy heels.  Its a pretty short video actually, but I make out with the mirror and its like two of me going at it.
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.