Chapter 63
Volume I

This should really be before Chapter 62 since it was taken before my red sunset pics.  But ok!   I really liked some of these, especially the black & white ones.  Since I'm not that tall for modeling, pants and sexy heels help give me more height and give the illusion that I'm taller.  Nice thing about my top, I can pop my nipples & breasts out whenever the coast is clear so it goes from fashion shoot to R-rated.  People were walking by and ogling the whole time too, it was a busy street I was posing at.  I don't think anyone caught me naked though.

When we got home it was pretty dark in the house already, so I took a little break while answering emails.  Well more like reading them since I wasn't given any time to answer them.  I'm wearing the outfit you saw in my modeling pics.  A member said it wasn't possible for my nipple to go through a cd hole.  But as you can see I can.  I can even rotate the cd on my nipple like a record hehe.  The last part I'm just running up and down stairs naked for no reason at all.
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.