Chapter 64
Volume II

My very first nude shoot was done right here, at this doorway, so its almost like deja-vu.  Almost a year since I took my first nude pic with the FTV guys.   I do my makeup much better now, and I like curling my hair up all pretty (especially since most members voted for curly in my contest).   What you'll like to see is how I make my panties hang from my nipples... then panty free its all private part views after that.

Its almost 110 degrees today, as you can see, and I'm letting my panties hang from my nipples.  I tried both ways, hanging on one and hanging on both.  Then I push and pull on my nipples, try sucking on them and poking through doorways, etc..  All crazy stuff.  Then I discovered a big wasp nest up in the ceiling that the photographer never told me about.  But you see I'm a trooper and I didn't run off!
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