Chapter 65
Volume II

While the sarong was wrapped tight around my chest, the photographer took some hot photos where you can see my nipples clearly through the sarong.  The rest are more artsy photos with the sarong.  Then there is some pics of me while I was masturbating & fingering myself poolside.  The photographer has some nice ability to take photos with one hand and videotape with the other. 

I've never masturbated outside before, and especially not in the pool.  So its a first for me.  I thought it would be hot and the photographer agreed.  Today I was especially horny, and for no real reason really.   I started partly submerged in the pool and rubbed my private part.  Then I slipped a finger in and started feeling the tingles go through my body, and my mind becoming mushy with pleasure.  A wasp landed on my knee right when I was getting into it and it freaked me out!  The photographer helped take it off.  I didn't get stung thank god.  So after I was relaxed again I fingered myself harder, and it took a little longer to get myself back in the state of mind I was in.  Everything was good though, I had an orgasm and I was a smiley happy girl after that.
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