Chapter 66
Volume I

I really like posing on the black couch, I feel sexy with my skin against the leather, and the results of the photos.  When the black surrounds my skin, it really accentuates my curves.  Butt shots are good too.   Really sexy poses and new ways of lying upside-down and funky closeups & back shots.  Even one really crazy picture (#147) where you get some extreme detail of my private part (as in where your member would slip into me).

I'm totally naked at the start, but I put on a sexy & skimpy black polkadot bikini that I love wearing.  I put on some hottie heels on that matched it and I'm ready to pose.  I just put my heels on when the photographer told me to take them off to do a foot massage video.  I put lotion on my feet while they rest on the glass table.  In the rest of the video the camera tries to bump into my head for no particular purpose.
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.