Chapter 67
Volume I

I came up with this shoot idea.  I'm wearing my silver exercise jumpsuit with a black top underneath, and there is my big 'core' exercise ball that matches everything.  The jacket and pants stay on for a little while and then I'm basically in black panties and my black halter top with my butt out.

The opening scene starts while I'm putting on makeup.  But hey guys, do you like my hair today?  I've lightened it even more.  Anyways, some random dialogue between me and my photographer, then we talk about how I haven't had sex in ages (its true) and then I'm brushing my teeth talking about more random stuff.  Then you get to see my puppy dog for the first time, her name is Carmen.  Then you see me walk around my parent's house looking for my lip gloss.  The camera heads down my butt cheeks and then I'm ready for my exercise video.  It ends up becoming a funny video where I strip down and make a fool of myself rolling around with the ball butt naked.  But I'm sure you like that.
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.