Chapter 67
Volume II

The dress I picked out I had originally planned for the fireplace, but it just didn't seem to match.  And my little Carmen was whining and yapping to come out, so I went to her and thats how the photoshoot started.  So instead of a miss model pose it was all pics with me and my dog, and me half-naked at some points. 

In my bedroom I'm picking out what to wear for the next shoot, and dance a bit to the music on the television.  I do a little bit of dressup for you and pick out some sexy white heels.  I try on a cute funky hat too but we didn't use it for the photos.  The video is pretty long, but its a fun watch just to see me naturally and with the camera poking up my skirt the whole time.  Hope you have a high speed connection for all of it!  I take my doggie Carmen out of her cage and then give her some body rubs and play with her.  Of course I'm wearing a short skirt, so the camera is videotaping me from the ground and zooms in between my legs and from behind & my butt.  Then I take her out for a walk.
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.