Chapter 69
Volume I

This fur coat I bought like a year ago, together with the photographer.  We planned to use it for a shoot but you know Phoenix, its always very hot and never fits in.  My new favorite top and bottom I put together, and for a while, I thought that a nice sexy pair of strappy platform heels would be nice with it.  But then with the whole fur coat thing my tan leather boots look better for the pics.  And I've never worn boots in a shoot before.  Some of you guys who were asking for me to wear boots well here you go.  Most of the pictures are sexy posing next to the fireplace, then some foot fetish when I take my boots off. 

The video is more like a mix of everything.  I'm starting with doing my makeup, then I'm doing a striptease by the fireplace, squishing my breasts and spreading my butt cheeks.  Then I'm taking my boots off and showing the back of my pretty feet.  Then I'm crawling on all fours doggy style showing off my butt.
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.