Chapter 70
Volume I

I've been assisting for some of the FTV website shoots, usually doing some video of the photoshoots or taking pictures while the videographer is taping a girl masturbating etc..  With Jezebele, we got along right away and ended up having a good time fooling around instead of 'working'.  Most of the pictures are directly off her site, a website designed a lot like my own.  Anyways, the pictures are mostly of me and her together hugging and posing both inside and outside.  We did some 'fighting' pictures too. 

I walk in to the house as if I've never met Jezebele before, but of course I was there when we picked her up from the airport.  Anyways, Jezebele knows how to do good makeup, so the photographer said, so she does some work on me.  Then the rest of the video is of us getting naked during the photoshoot.
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