Chapter 71
Volume I

Its not as common as many other member requests, but I've had a lot of guys ask if I'm ever going to wear long boots and stuff.  Well to this date I still don't own any boots that mattered (since I'm in hot Phoenix), but I borrowed one from my friend just for this shoot.  Forget the skirt, just go with boy shorts, and a cute purple top that really shows off my pointy nipples.  Most of the pics were against this bronze door backdrop, but we did take some on the steps, kind of upskirt style, except that I slipped my shorts to the side so you can see my private parts. 

The video is more like a striptease, starting on the steps, then down in the parking lot, my breasts popping out and all that good stuff.  I'd say the riskiest stuff was when I had to take my bottoms completely off, in a place where there are so many windows you never know who might be watching!
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.