Chapter 72
Volume I

I love this shoot!  It was time to get into classy mode again, and this dress I got from one of my other modeling gigs I did in New York, a fashion/commercial shoot.  I had the best pair of lacy panties that you guys like to see on me, and black heels that matched.  My toes are all nicely done up too.  We've found a new place to do shoots in, its an office complex with nice architecture, water fountains, steps etc.  I think the photographer just likes to shoot where people might catch me posing naked.  I mean it is Sunday, but there are still cars parked everywhere, and people working in the offices.  As long as the pictures turn out though I guess its ok hehe.

I'm putting on my black dress in the car, then the video captures the shoot you see in the photo section.  You can really see why its 'risky' to shoot here!  Then there's video of me checking out my pics through the camera while my nipples are partially sticking out.
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.