Chapter 73
Volume I

The pictures we took here are so pretty, don't you think?  The soft light from behind and the leaves made a great scene, even if it was just a parking lot.  The photographer has a good eye for simple spots that can make a beautiful set like this one.  So I'm wearing a green nightgown, its never meant to be worn as a dress, but I did anyways.  My gold slippers, and sky blue panties all made a good combo.  My nipples were especially 'pointy' today for no reason at all, but it made for some great pictures through my nightgown and even as hangers for branches hehe.   

When we headed home, I went to the back yard in the grass, and was cool to masturbate for the camera.  Like I've mentioned before, its very random when I do feel sexual or get that 'need', but if it comes right during one of our shoots, I'll do a masturbation video.  Doing it on the grass wasn't my idea, but as long as I had that vibrator that works for me, I'm game.  I fingered myself first, then lied back and enjoyed the benefits of this toy that was introduced to me by the photographer.  I don't get to take it home, so I only use it here in my shoots.
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