Chapter 74
Volume II

I was supposed to come down much earlier, but I was so busy with my work (yes, I have a real job too you know!)  I made it just in time for sunset.  It looks like we're only going to be able to do one shoot today, and I thought my white dress might be the one for it tonight.  The photographer was rushing me but I understand why, he wanted that nice sunset light.  By the time we started, it was too late, so we set up the lights inside the tiled bath area instead.  Some cute pictures though, don't you think?  My favorite is a non-nude pic #117.  I'm kind of embarrased though, I put on my pink panties backwards (the photographer noticed the tag was on the outside!

The video is mostly me running around getting ready, undressing from my street clothes to the white dress, and putting on my heels.  My feet are pretty today, don't you think?  Then some video of me posing and finally in the bathroom where I almost slip and fall on my face.  I tried some twirls right there on top of the bathroom.
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.