Chapter 75
Volume I

We went to a place where there were guys doing construction on a house.  They didn't pay much mind to us shooting here so the photographer did his thing.  I wanted a bit of an athletic theme, so I climbed the windowsill and posed there.  Of course it made me more visible to the drivers on the street too!  I managed to get through posing naked here without getting caught.  Boy was I nervous again though!  What do you think of me in my sporty outfit?

I started jogging down the street, heading for the house under construction.  Now when I think of it, it looks more like an office building under construction.  Whatever the case, the people walking by and school buses driving by I got nervous showing nudity.  I pulled my shirt up and notice how my nipples are really pointy today, its the cold weather!  Then I pulled my pants down and the workers could see through the window on the other side!
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