Chapter 75
Volume II

As usual, there is nowhere else to get changed to my next outfit but in the car!  So while I'm getting changed, there is photos of me half naked with my socks on.  My nipples are so thick and long today!  Then its some voyeur style pics where my panties are slipped off just a bit and I'm looking away, or the other kind where my nipples are popped out of my white shirt.  Then we went to some gate were it had no trespassing signs and I posed standing there, in my new tan colored boots.  Fit for the winter season!  Even in Arizona it gets cold.  Then against a wooden door I squat down so you can see up my skirt and wedgie on my panties.   Why was I squatting?  Because some guy in a house nearby started taking pictures of me from far away.  Something about #146 I really like.

You get to see me get changed all nervously in the car, from my sporty look outfit of last chapter to this white blouse and jean skirt & boots.  Then the camera goes down to my private part as I look down and spread myself down there.  The rest of the video is of the photoshoot, where it either zooms in on my breasts or my private part when I'm squatting down.
Copyright 2005 RHS Photography, L.L.C.