Chapter 76
Volume I

I liked these series, I picked out the combo; a sexy green corset, that makes my nipples show, white pants & heels, and a seethrough-ish green scarf.  It starts fashion-like then it turns to full nudes, some really sexy pics in my opinion.  I like the body shot on #141, and you can see my cute panties.  I bet you'd want to take them off with your teeth!  Then I try to ring the doorbell with my nipple....and poke my nipples through my scarf, yes they actually fit through!

Why oh why is most of my videos and photos taken where I might get caught or seen by people walking by?  I think the photographer gets a kick out of it.  I know I know, its because we are supposed to keep it fresh and find new places to take photo & video in, but it always seems to be a busy place.  Well at least the condos I was posing next to were vacant.  Well, I walk into the hallway, play with my breasts, notice how my nipples are sticking out even from this thick corset!  My nipples always show unless I wear a bra (a thick one too).  Then I pulled my pants down, and pulled on my private parts, stretching it the way you guys ask for.  And butt video too.
Copyright 2005 RHS Photography, L.L.C.