Chapter 77
Volume II

The pictures are pretty sexy, I'm all naked now and playing in the water, the sun is gone and I'm loaded with soapy bubbles on my body.  There's some pics with the sunset effect and then some where I'm wrapped in a towel.  But I'm sure you're looking forward to my masturbation video below.  Yes, I know you want it.  Some of my fav pics are #100, 108, 110, and 114.

You know, I was never used to taking baths, I always shower.  I know some girls are really into it, but I'm one of those 'on the go' efficient type of girls.  Yes I know I need to relax, but I guess my relaxation comes when I masturbate.  Its the most relaxing thing after I orgasm, I just want to lie down, slow down and make sleepy time.  Being in the bath and playing with the water got me aroused up enough that I'd masturbate even in the jacuzzi.  So I start rubbing, playing with my nipples first to make them sensitive and turn me on, then moving fingers down to my private parts.  Once it slips in, the feelings get stronger and I rub faster and faster.  Today was a good day, because it felt really good, and the warm water added a sort of tantalizing feeling that rushed through my body when I orgasmed.  My whole body tightened up but I was a very happy girl in the end.  And you should be too.  A happy boy I mean.  Then I dry up and say my goodbyes for the night!
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