Chapter 79
Volume I

Well Fiona got to ride this bike, which is borrowed from a guy the photographer knows, so I wanted to do a shoot with it too!  Fiona was too short to ride it and too wussy, but I gave it my best shot.  It was a little too tall for me too, but I'm the sporty champ girl you know?  I had to wear a short skirt for this one, with panties that get wedged up my private parts especially if I'm riding a bike!  The top is a cute pink 'sailor' semi-seethrough shirt, so my nipples are always peeking out.  There's some of my private part wedged on the bicycle seat and me squatting to fix my bike all in butt view and stuff. 

I ride my bike on the street, then into the desert trail, trying not to fall off and injure myself.  Of course too late I get scrapes and bruises on my legs from bouncing around in the brush.  Its a fun video though, a lot of upskirt, wedgies and then when my panties come off more closeups of my private part in action on the bike hehe.  Upskirt while sitting on the stairs too...
Copyright 2005 RHS Photography, L.L.C.