Chapter 79
Volume II

I had this white seethrough dress that my friend gave me, who is an exotic dancer.  She quit dancing and wanted me to have the dresses for my shoot.  The photographer says they are a bit tacky looking, but the white was pretty nice.  I added stockings to it, barefoot as the photographer suggested, and we went outside next to these fluffies that match the highlights of my hair.  The photoshoot was awesome in this one, and if you disagree, you should jump into a freezing pool.  I love the way the fluffies float in the air while surrounding me with golden highlights, the nice stockings pics, and the poolside ones where I'm looking at my reflection. Beautiful stuff don't miss it.

I try on the white stockings, after the long bike ride, taking my socks off and rubbing my feet.  Then I put on the white dress, and try a black one too, both seethrough.  The video then cuts to where I take one of my stockings off, and start rubbing it on my private part, then stuffing it inside me, as far as it will go, and pulling it out.....
Copyright 2005 RHS Photography, L.L.C.