Chapter 80
Volume I

Another great photoshoot, up on the roof!  Just look at the coverpage and you'll know what I mean.  This bra and panties lingerie I got just for the shoot.  I've been waiting to see how they would look in photos.  I've got sexy black heels to match, though you don't see them that much.  Then as the sun goes down, I strip down showing it all off, and the rest of the photos are shots of me while I was masturbating.  My favorite pictures are #101, 104, 109, 115 and 123. 

Call me daring, but I climb onto the tiled roof area that has a big slope, where I can slide down to my death, especially in these high heels!  All for the video I guess.  Its kind of cold, but I had the idea of doing this for a long time, and playing with myself tends to get me warmed up anyways.  I climb down, sit on the cold dusty roof, and start rubbing myself, but I wanted my pink vibrator ASAP.  So I grabbed it and started getting the goosebump good feelings that come from it going inside me and vibrating my sensitive areas.  I had a strong orgasm, and made a wet spot on the roof, but some of my juices made it to my butt and mixed with the dust so it looked like mud on my butt ick!!!   As you can see I'm starting to be more comfortable doing this, in front of the camera that is.
Copyright 2005 RHS Photography, L.L.C.