Chapter 81
Volume I

Oh Boy!  First thing in the morning, like 8am, we head off to the canal (around downtown Phoenix) and I'm modeling by the wall with graffiti.  Now understand that behind the photographer, in my direction is a whole bunch of people biking and jogging by.  Me in my blue dress & heels jumping and twirling will get their attention!  I bring my top down and let my breasts show, and do some twirls & jumps for upskirt pics, then pull my panties down... notice in the coverpage pic where I'm looking at... people who are looking at me!  We then went to a more secluded corner and did some black & white pics. 

The photographer makes me run down the canal while people are biking and jogging.  My skirt is pretty short, so when I run too fast people can see something going on there.  When the coast is clear I flashed my private parts, then ran to a little park area, jumped the wall and did some twirls there.  Hey, do you like my new pretty sandals thingies I bought?  I thought they would look really cute with my dress.  What do you think?
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