Chapter 81
Volume II

In our quest to find new places to take pictures in, (without the need to get a permit, since they wouldn't give one for something like this anyway!)  We found a pretty new spot where the photographer liked the colors and architecture.  Well, I'm still wearing my cute blue summer dress, and I'm wearing a headband too, gives me a milkmaid look hehe.  Then I get undressed, and put on a more fashion-like combo.  Of course, the fashion shoot doesn't last long and I'm getting naked again.  I liked the photos in this series a lot, some of my new favorites, especially as it moves to part III.

Its a quick mini-video where I'm deciding whether to put on a bandana or not for my next shoot, while in the car and my breasts out.  Then I get naked at this new resort place, and put on my new outfit on.  Always risking getting caught!  One day it will happen, I just know it.
Copyright 2005 RHS Photography, L.L.C.