Chapter 81
Volume III

This one's a great series of pics, all complete nudes of me, absolutely no clothes on.  There are front-lighted ones and back-lighted... even though the backlight ones are more washed out looking, they are very sexy.  The way the light came over my body, it gives me a very curvy look.  I mean, just look at my waist to hip ratio in these pics hehe.  Standing shots, sexy curvy pics, and butt shots too.  Just the whole series is hot, in my opinion.

Okay, so I'm in the resort now, my breasts are out, my nipples are pointy, and I'm talking all about this model website I visited, where she does gang-bangs and sucks you know what on her website.  Big guys too.  Why did I visit the site?  Just curiosity, and like FTV I tend to browse porn a lot.  Not because I get turned on by it, just something I do for entertainment.  Anyways, the rest of the video I'm posing for the photographer, in this sexy hallway, and then I dress up with some closeups on video.
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