Chapter 82
Volume I

Aaaah... a fresh start to our day with a photo shoot on a cloudy day... its been cloudy for so many days here in Phoenix, its almost unnatural!  So anyways, we are at another fancy hotel resort and we found a spot where there were less people walking by.  It doesn't mean that there's nobody around!  I'm wearing a corset type top I showed off at my internext event but never got to use for photos.  And new sexy heels!  I hope you like them, because I do.  What bugs me is that I have some acne on my face and the photographer is too lazy to airbrush it off!  Well they never touch up my pictures so you always see the real me. 

Speaking of the real me... yes a lot more of it in this video posing away while always wondering if I'll get caught posing naked here.  Remember that if you do get into trouble, its not the photographer that would have any responsibility but me since I'm the one exposing myself in a 'public' place.
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