Chapter 83
Volume II

I like this series a lottt!  We headed over to a self-carwash place, and in the same outfit in the last photo series, we got a nice set of pics though I wish it was my own new car I was posing with.  The standing ones are hot and the squatting ones in the hood are definitely original-looking.  We would've probably done some water shots with the hose and things but we didn't have quarters, and that's the only thing the machine accepted.  If I had my choice of which pic would've been the cover page, it would be #108.

I'm acting all cool in the car's driver seat, even though I can't drive stick shift.  I get out of the car in my sexy outfit and open the hood of the car, to examine the engine.  I check the oil, and the battery & stuff while the camera looks up my skirt and down my shirt.  Like in the photos I climb into the car, now that's a unique shot for sure.  I tested and tasted my own fluids while on the hood of the car too.  Then I acted all goofy when I went back into the car.
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