Chapter 84
Volume I

This photo series is way different from the norm, though it starts like a nice good old-fashioned lingerie shoot.  I'm wearing cute pink panties and a matching top looking pretty into the mirror, then the nipple clamp comes in.  Two of them, and I start clipping them onto my nipples (which are so thick that they barely hold) and around my breast-flesh if that's what its called.  Then its some crazier pics where I clip them on my private parts I'm sure some of you guys will freak over.  The clips even leave imprints behind.  The photographer got pretty excited with the pics here so there were many in this update.  The next part was a toy stuffing thing where I push the vibrator as deep as it goes to the point where you just see the end of it.

I am my usual bouncy self and in the mirror, put my hair into a pony tail, then pull my top down and try clipping those torture devices onto my nipples.  Yowsa!  In the photos it looks so easy but on the video you see it isn't so comfy!  I guess some girls like the pleasure/pain thing.  I clipped them on my breasts after, then did my private parts too just like in the photos, and the toy pushing thing too.
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