Chapter 84
Volume II

The idea was started by a member and his email about how I should wear knee-high stockings, and was pretty specific about it -- they must be pink, with little bows on them, with some sort of matching pink panties.  Well I went and found some, and this shoot ended up becoming one of my favorite photo series of all time.  I never thought it was so, but I really do like how I look in knee-highs naked.   The pictures start in butt-view, against the window, and we took pictures in every angle & pose possible while climbing the windowsill.  The last few pictures are stills of one of my stockings deep inside my private part.

Standing completely naked in front of the window, I slowly put on my pink stockings, and then examine myself in the full body mirror.  Then some views where I'm on top of the camera, looking down, and since my breasts are fuller these days it looks pretty hot.  But what many of you guys were waiting for was my stocking stuffing scene, so ok, here it is, and I managed to get almost all of it in there.  Then I slowly pulled it out...
Copyright 2005 RHS Photography, L.L.C.