Chapter 86
Volume II

This was going to be a bikini shoot, since I was going to show off this new bikini I just bought.  But I wasn't in it for long at all hehe. Before you know it, I'm completely naked, and the shoot becomes a glossy body oil thing.  Its another member suggestion along with my wet T-shirt thing I did, to have the baby oil all over my body to make it shiny.  I think the pictures would be even hotter if they were given that airbrush smoothing treatment that makes you look really glossy. 

I take my bikini off, rub some oil into my breastesses and make them all shiny.  I wasn't sure how it would look until I saw the pictures, its pretty cool.  The glossy body look is pretty sexy.  The photographer made me do a long butt rubbing session with the oil, which you butt lovers will like.  In my opinion, I do a lot of butt stuff, but the butt fans seem to always want more.  I had to devote equal time to my breasts too (and my private parts)!  A little bouncing around and I'm heading indoors for a shower!
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