Chapter 87
Volume I

Oooh I like the photos here, I think I look really sexy in this combo.  The green to matches the heels, and the leather & wood finish of the tables really suit the mood.  Of course, there are a few dorky looking pictures where I got caught off-guard, but there are some pretty fine ones in here.  I love lots of them, but #120, 122, 125, 131, 139, and 141 along with the two pics on the cover page are my definite favorites.  You gotta be turned on by these I hope.  My acne issues are getting better but still kind of show.

I like how sexy I look today, and the hair-up thing works good with this outfit.  I sit down, cross my legs, and start playing with my breasts, then spread my legs, and pick up the toy and start licking it and giving it a blowjob.  Yes, I'm finally doing that on camera, something I wasn't too comfortable with before.  I started rubbing my private parts with my fingers, then turned on the vibrator and used it to start 'moistening' me up.  As most of you know, I'm pretty tight down there and its hard to push in the toy while I'm sitting so I went on top of the table and masturbated there.  Some hot All of a sudden the construction workers moved in and started working, and I know they could see me, and along with the noise they were making, it was distracting me.  So I moved to the kitchen where I continued what I was doing and after 5 minutes or so I had an orgasm.  I got all wet again, and the photographer caught a bit of it flowing down and making a wet spot.  At the very end of the video you can see this guy working outside, he's very handsome and yes, I was fantasizing about him when I was masturbating.  The photographer had the nerve to go out and tell him that I liked him, and now I have to sneak in and out of the house so he doesn't see me.
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