Chapter 88
Volume II

The blue dress somehow didn't match the resort suite we were in, we couldn't find a spot that would really make sense but this fancy doorway to the television hehe.  Still, it was a cute excuse to strip down and give more butt shots.  To be honest, it was very late at night, and I was sleepy (its 1am at this time)!  It really shows on my face I think.  At least the next two updates in this suite were taken the next day, when I was super-fresh.

I seem to brush my hair a lot in the videos.  Well, that's what I do when I'm getting ready to go out, or do a shoot, or simply trying to look cute after a shower.  The dress comes off right away, and this full-sized mirror in the bathtub is the perfect place for a full body creamage.  The cream smells really good too.  I lather it on my breasts first, then of course its butt massage time (and its a good view too for you Lia butt lovers) and my feet take third place.  I'm surprised the photographer held himself back from grabbing me with my nice smelling body being rubbed so close to the camera hehe.
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